Bitter Gourd Destroys Pancreatic Cancer Cells, Benefits Diabetics

  • Judz

    Fantastic news ! But how many mgs per day should one take in order to combat type IV
    pancreatic cancer?

  • CreativeMessage

    Diabetes soars in Asia – Research published in the Journal of American Medical Association on Wednesday said the disease has turned into a global problem, with the number of victims expected to grow from 240 million in 2007 to 380 million in 2025.

    More than 60 percent of those will be in Asia, the world’s fastest growing region, with low- and middle-income countries hardest hit.

    India will see its numbers grow from 40 million to nearly 70 million; China 39 million to 59 million; and Bangladesh 3.8 million to 7.4 million, the authors wrote, citing figures from the International Diabetes Federation. Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and others will also see their figures skyrocket.

    ‘Catastrophe’ as 114 million Chinese suffer diabetes
    September, 2013

    China is now among the countries with the highest diabetes prevalence in Asia. Shocking survey shows 11.6pc of people suffer from rampant diet-related disease, with around one third of the world’s diabetics living in China

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